Fotografė ėmėsi projekto, kuriuo skatina žmones nesigėdyti savo randų (FOTO)

Randai dažniausiai sukelia gan skausmingus prisiminimus, todėl daugelis juos stengiasi nuslėpti, paslėpti ar kažkokiu būdu užmaskuoti. Kai kurie savo randų net gėdijasi, o tai labai apsunkina tam tikras situacijas.

Fotografė iš Londono Sophie Mayenne, norėdama pakeisti nusistovėjusį požiūrį į šiuos dalykus, ėmėsi projekto, kuriuo skatina žmones drąsiai stoti prieš objektyvą.

Moteris pastebėjo, kad dažnai fotosesija veikia kaip terapija. Prieš tai stipriai gėdijęsi savo randu, projekto dalyviai ima juos pripažinti ir nebebijo jų rodyti. Jie tarsi išlaisvėja iš savo pačių gniaužtų, o tai daro juos laimingesnius.

#behindthescars Gemma “My body is littered with scars from troubles times. For a long time it felt like a battleground. My relationship with my body and it’s scars hasn’t been an easy one. Yes as I have grown older I have become less inclined to give a shit what people think. I have come to see my body as a wonderful gift – it is uniquely mine, it has taught me things nothing else could, it is resilient and it is beautiful. My body and I are now an army and my scars an exquisite reminder of my strength. Being a part of Behind The Scars feels like being in a safe space where Sophie allows all our stories and scars merge to create something empowering, joyful and deeply healing. Today I feel like I can show myself…” shot on @huaweimobileuk P10 for @dazed #RevealTheRealYou @gemmabanks

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#behindthescars Michelle "I've had 15 surgeries, a brain tumour, a punctured intestine, an obstructed bowel, a cyst in my brain and a condition called Hydrocephalus. I grew up without realising my body was different until one day I wore a bikini and was met with looks of pity and shock. I thought the solution was to hide them and never talk about them, but in fact, what helped me was the exact opposite. When I was 21, I finally started embracing my scars and accepting my body for what it does. In celebration of that I launched a campaign called #scarrednotscared because I knew I couldn't be alone. I didn't want anyone to feel isolated in their struggles with physical illness and chronic pain, and it became the perfect platform to remove the shame around our scars and our bodies in general." Head to Michelle's page to find out more about her and some of the fantastic articles she writes. @scarrednotscared as seen on @dazed

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Samuel @yukoaoi #behindthescars

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